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Coin Tumblers
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Double Barrel All Purpose Tumbler
Cat# 427-33B
Retail Price $132.00
Sale Price $118.99
Single Barrel All Purpose Tumbler
Cat# 427-3A
Retail Price $89.00
Sale Price $79.99
Heavy Duty Double Barrel Coin Tumbler
Cat# 726-116M
Retail Price $146.99
Sale Price $114.99
Single Barrel Heavy Duty Tumbler
Cat# 726-100M
Retail Price $105.99
Sale Price $83.95
Super Deluxe Heavy Duty Extra Large 9 Pound Capacity Tumbler
Cat# 726-AR6
Retail Price $184.99
Sale Price $143.95
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Coin Tumbler Customer Review:
"I purchased one of the single barrel tumblers not too long ago. I wanted it to clean the clad coins I had been accumulating. I was very impressed how good a job it did. Last week I cashed in $23.84 in pennies alone. I also cleaned a bunch of dimes and quarters and have some more to clean I have dug up this year." Detecting season just getting going here in South Dakota at least where I am. Last weekend there was still frost in some areas.

I bought a Bounty Hunter pin pointer and it is scheduled to arrive today. I had one and it died on me so had to replace it. Very happy with everything I have purchased from you... Rich
Customer Satisfaction: (5 of 5)

Replacement Parts
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Replacement Barrel
Cat# 427-107
ONLY $30.75
Heavy Duty Drive Belt
Cat# 726-a400
ONLY $4.95
"O" Ring for Barrel
Cat# 726-pt21
ONLY $3.95
Complete Barrel w/ "O" ring
Cat# 726-a25
ONLY $25.99
Cleaning Powder & Pellets
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Fiber-glass coat. Pellets & Powder
Cat# 427-100
ONLY $12.95
Power Pellets & Powder
Cat# 427-101
ONLY $12.95
Cleaning Powder
Cat# 427-102
ONLY $13.95
Coin Protection
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Nickel 2" x 2" Peg Coin Mount (pkg of 20)
Cat# 919-9181
Retail Price $2.99
Sale Price $1.99

2" x 2" Plastic Holders
Cat# 919-9727
ONLY $0.49
2" x 2" Coin Flippettes w/ Inserts
(pkg of 100)

Cat# 410-28IN
ONLY $8.49