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Detector Pro Accusound Pro Headphones

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Detector Pro Accusound Pro Headphones
Retail price $129.95
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Cat# 1219-22287

    Product Features

    • Impedance - 150 ohms nominal
    • Heavy-duty muff-to-muff connection cable
    • Limited lifetime warranty, Made in the USA!
    • Compact carry and storage foldable design
    • Selector switch for universal metal detector compatibility (no adapters required)
    • Heavy-duty, stranded, oxygen-free, copper coiled cord with molded 1/4 jack featuring strain relief
    • Buil-in target signal limiter circuit to control loud signal and enhance the weak audio signals. No batteries required
    • Speaker specifications: 200 to 3200 Hz by design and best match for all metal detectors. Magnet: Neodymium, Sensitivity 91 db/1kHz
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11 reasons why AccuSound Pro headphones are the
#1 choice for detector users!

AccuSound works with all land detectors many detectorists say they are able to determine the type of target located by the sound it produces. Just imagine what they could distinguish if they were using headphones that were made specifically for metal detector use, not phones that were designed for home stereo use.

Dealers Choice:
  • Custom designed and made in the USA exclusively for all metal detectors
  • Built-in target signal limiter circuit to control loud signals and enhance the weaker audio signal
  • No batteries required
  • Operates at an impressive 150 ohms
  • Blocks outside noise up to 30 decibels
  • Limited lifetime warrantee,made in the USA
Accusound Headphones

Headphones are the most important item you buy after your detector!
It makes the difference between treasure hunters who find coins on the surface and those who recover deeper, more valuable coins and jewelry. Many of the older treasures are buried deeper and give off a weak signal due to their depth and size. Combined with the noise of traffic, beach surf, and nature, it can be almost impossible to hear the deepest treasures with low-quality headphones.

The new AccuSound Professional Headphones by DetectorPro are high-quality headphones that many users consider the best in the world. These headphones were specifically designed for metal detecting and treasure hunting - not your home stereo or i-pod. They work with all land detectors, and several users believe they are able to determine the type of target they’ve located simply by the sound produced by AccuSound Headphones.

Accusound Headphones Side View The AccuSound Professional Headphones quality extends to their comfort - with thick, padded ear-cups and a wide, padded headband. The inside of the ear-cup is replaceable should you ever find a need for new one. Meanwhile the outer ear-cup is rugged and durable - able to withstand the rigors of detecting and exposure to dust, dirt, and moisture. The sound-blocking design of these ear-cups eliminates outside noise up to 30 decibels! Every wearer is assured a comfortable fit with the smooth pivot points that run both vertically and horizontally. There are individual volume controls on each ear-cup with dual rotary volume controls that feature a segmented "click" positioning. And a heavy-duty, copper-coiled cord connects you to your detector and stretches as needed.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the AccuSound Professional Headphones is the compatibility switch on the right ear-cup. Most metal detectors on the market only output sound to one channel - left or right. These headphones include a built-in switch to adapt to any metal detector so that you hear sound in both channels - left and right. The built in switch allows turning this feature on and off as needed, eliminates the need for extra adapters, and prevents loss in sound quality.

Accusound Field Test Report

My impressions... I like them. They are very comfortable. The earcups are large and well padded. The cord is "tightly wound’, keeping the cord out of my way when digging up coins. They respond to all the target signals produced by each of my detectors. Even the low tones, produced by ferrous targets on some of my detectors, offer a distinct sound, allowing me to better separate the trash from the treasure. Read more...

About 3 weeks ago I decided to try out a new pair of headphones and opted for the ACCU SOUND by DetectorPro. JW, at Kellyco, tipped me off to these and I must say even though I have used the Original Gray Ghosts for the past several years, these are different I am totally impressed. Same great quality as all DetectorPro products, but a much mellower tone than the GG’s have Read more...

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