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Detector Pro Uniprobe All-in-One Pinpointer

with 8 Inch Waterproof Probe
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Detector Pro Uniprobe All-in-One Pinpointer
Retail price $350.00
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Cat# 1219-24000

    Product Features

    • Audio Frequency - Pulse VCO
    • Search coil - 8" x 5/8" diameter probe
    • Probe Depth - Up to 5-6" deep on coins
    • Search Mode: Threshold search, slow-motion
    • Operating Search Frequency - Pulse Induction
    • Switches: All Detector Compatibility; Probe "On/Off"
    • Cables: 1/4" heavy-duty removable coil cords for probe and headphones
    • Headphone Transducers: Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity efficiency, durability and signal quality
    • Headphone Frame: Adjustable padded headband, no screws, no wire frame, no rust, compact carry foldable design
    • Operating environments: 8" Probe is waterproof for land, salt & fresh water beach use; Headphones are not waterproof
    • Controls - Full range "stay put" volume with segmented "click" positioning; continuous adjust Threshold and Frequency
    • Headphone Earcups: Heavy-duty polymer full ear surround; extra comfortable soft cushions, ambient noise blocking up to 23 decibels
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Kellyco is proud to welcome DetectorPro as a new supplier of quality metal detectors that have found acceptance worldwide. Gary Storm, the President of DetectorPro, first developed a relationship with Kellyco earlier this year when he built our most popular high-quality headphones - the Accusound Pro. Gary has been designing, developing and selling quality metal detectors for his company, DetectorPro, for 11 years - and Kellyco is excited to feature our first of Gary’s extensive and successful product line.

You are looking at a value-added industry first from DetectorPro! The first compact all-in-one probe/headphone/pulse inductance metal detector in the world famous DetectorPro design. UniProbe is a new high-powered pulse inductance probe that can be switched on or off during hunting and retrieval with your metal detector... Or it can be used just as a set of high-quality detector headphones. Not only does this probe contain today’s most innovative Pulse Inductance electronics, it is the first probe that has all the electronics built into the headphones. All of this is possible because of our innovative microcircuitry and packaging.

The UniProbe has been engineered to perform in all ground minerals and on both salt and fresh water beaches too with up to 5-6" depth on coins in the retrieval hole. UniProbe is a true universal application probe/ metal detector and will open up a whole new world of accurate retrieval for you. Too many valuable coins, relics and jewelry are damaged everyday by the detectorist’s inability to accurately pinpoint with large search coils. Isn’t it about time you stopped damaging your treasures?

Controls: Pulse Frequency, Threshold.
Switches: Detector Compatibility; Probe On/Off.
Connectors:Left cable for headphone connection to your detector.

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