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Kellyco Automax Precision V4 Pinpointer

4 Way Target Locating: Audio-Sound, Visual-Flashing Light, Vibrating Handle, and Ajustable Sensitivity Control
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Kellyco Automax Precision V4 Pinpointer
Retail price $140.00
Offer No Longer Available
  1. Built-in audio indication
  2. Super-bright LED target indication light
  3. Super v4 Vibrator
  4. Toggle ON/OFF
  5. Target sensitivity control
  6. Long and Deep Probe
  7. Waterproof copper wound HP coil
  8. Rugged construction
  9. Surface mount technology
  10. Easy removable battery door
  11. Ergonomically designed handle
  12. Belt Clip easily clips to all size belts
  13. Operates on 9 volt battery (battery not included)
  14. One year warranty
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*Improved - Better sensitivity with the All New Super v4 Vibrator that’s located in the handle.� New 3-way toggle switch so you choose between audio & target light detection or Super V4 vibrator & target light detection.� New hotter more sensitive HP coil and Adjustable Sensitivity Control
Automax Precision V4 Pinpointer Diagram
Automax Precision V4 Pinpointer
4 Way Target Locating
2-Visual-Flashing light
3-Vibrating handle
4-Ajustable Sensitivity Control
Automax visual animation
Today’s detectors penetrate deeper.� The new Automax Precision v4 Pinpointer means less unnecessary digging and faster recoveries.� It’s happened to us all:� you’ve found a great target under your coil, yet when you go to dig you can’t find it.� Your search coil is too large to search the side of the hole, so you don’t know whether the target is on the side of the hole or is simply deeper.� The Automax is the answer.� 1) Adjust tuner control. 2) Simply turn on.� 3) Scan and pinpoint your target.� The LED light and solid audio sound tells you when the extra-long waterproof probe has found your target!

There are six main elements to the Automax Precision v4.� The Long 8.5" Probe with HP coil that is housed in the end of the probe, a very bright LED target indication light, the on/off toggle switch, an automatic fine tune sensitivity control, audio speaker, and now a NEW super v4 vibrator house in the handle.

Clipped on automax
Following in the footsteps of the Propoint, Propoint II and the Automax pinpointers has given us over 8 years of experience designing small durable pinpointers.� This experience has resulted in our newest offering, the Automax Precision v4 Pinpointer.� Completely computer designed,�everything from the coil tip to the end of the custom ergonomically designed handle grip tells you that this pinpointer is made for Treasure hunters.� Not a shop-built nail finder, but a durable well-made metal detector.� The computer designed advanced metal detector circuit and all parts are surface mounted to make it very reliable and sensitive.� Automax Precision v4 is very simple to use, just turn it on and set the sensitivity and that’s it.� Comes with a water-proof coil tip, so wet soil is never a problem.� This incredible pinpointer can even detect a tiny gold nugget that weighs a mere 7.0 grains! � Automax Precision v4 detects coins, rings, gold, silver, most gold nuggets, and other metallic targets.

"I used the pinpointer it’s excellent"
We have received the detector yesturday morning and tried it at night on the beach, we did not find gold(not yet), but coins. We are happy my husband and I. Thank you very much, I used the pinpointer it’s excellent!. Have a nice day. Dominique

"V4 Pinpointer Is Great"
Just a note to tell you that I have received the Automax Precision V4 Pinpointer and it is a great addition to the world of metal detecting...It told me real quick that I had two items in a clump of dirt instead of one...Again, let me thank you for the great service you and kellyco deliver...Until next time Dale H, TN

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