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Koss Unity Gain Amplifier

Takes weak signals and amplifies them so that regardless of what type of phone you have, you will hear those deep targets. You also have full control over the audio output allowing you to control the bass, treble, and midrange of your headphone. Three expanded frequency response controls are used to Max Out the audio target response of your detectors built in amplifier. Unity gain amplifier only operates when a target sounds a signal, which limits power output saving battery life. Operates on two AAA batteries-not included. Belt clip for easy out of the way use.

The MOST IMPORTANT item after your detector! Makes the difference between those who find "surface" coins and those with Quality phones who recover the deeper more valuable coins, rings, jewelry, etc. Many treasures are older and deeper giving off a weak signal when detected due to depth and size. Add the sound of surf on a beach, traffic and wind rustling through the trees, and a dozen other sounds that easily prevent you from hearing that low signal, you pass right over these targets. What separates those who consistently find more older silver coins and even gold coins, in our opinion, are those using headphones, and not just any headphones but phones that are proven to get the deeper targets! The "Soundest" investment you can make.

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Koss Unity Gain Amplifier
Retail price $49.95
Offer No Longer Available
  1. Operates on two "AAA" batteries
  2. Belt clip for easy out of the way use
  3. Frequency Response: 40 Hz-20kHz
  4. Center Band Frequencies 100 Hz, 1000Hz, 10 kHz
  5. Boost and Cut Levels + 10dB,-10dB
  6. Cross-talk 40 dB
  7. Distortion (THD + N @ 1 kHz)
  8. Max. Power Output 20mW per channel
  9. Cord Length: 48 inches
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