Treasure Commander Si Robertson TC3X Metal Detector Review

When I first took the TC3X out of the box it was obvious that this machine was similar in styling to the TC1X and the TC2X detectors. The distinctive camouflage marking and the sleek trigger handle make this metal detector a very attractive piece of equipment. Within the first few minutes I was able to assemble this beauty and began to investigate some of the very interesting features which help to set this detector a notch above the other members of the Treasure Commander series.

My first impression was that this detector looks like a top of the line detector. The large display screen is easy to read and very intuitive. The lighted screen allows for simple adjustments to the control settings with the touch of one finger. The placement of the actual touch screen icons has been well thought out and seems natural to use. In my opinion, the touch screen of the TC3X makes this detector easier to use than many other detectors on the market including even the two other detectors in this Treasure Commander series. The GPS incorporated into the detector does what it is designed to do. It allows the detectorist to return to a marked target area for future exploration.

An obvious addition to this detector is the light built into the control housing which directs a beam of light down the shaft. Since I have been known to hunt the beaches at night after all the tourists are gone, this light is something that really got my attention. In practice, the light does exactly what it was designed to do. It provides light in the area around the coil so that targets can be more easily recovered in low light conditions. In addition to the other obvious features, the TC3X also sports a functional handle mounted trigger which, when pulled, shifts the detector into the pin point mode automatically. Because of this handy trigger design there is no need to look away from the target area to search for the pin point setting.

After a quick review of the user’s manual, I went through a little simple testing as I normally would. During the normal air test, the TC3X functioned as expected and gave the signal responses I expected. The head phone jack is designed only to accept ear bud type head phones. This design does not allow for the use of head phones specially adapted for the metal detecting hobby used by many serious detectorists. This simple modification would be an obvious improvement. When I moved on to field testing the special features designed into this detector became more interesting. It is clear that someone has obviously thought out what would be expected of this machine. It was an easy process to move between the various control modes and quickly lock in desired settings. This detector is definitely the “big brother” of the entire Treasure Commander series.

In the field the TC3X worked as expected. One of my first targets was a zinc penny located at about 7” which is exactly the reading shown on the touch screen. I soon received a quarter reading at 7” which actually turned out to be a copper penny. This was still a good coin target. Bottle caps and pull tabs were generally identified in the trash target range. Readings for other recovered items were solid enough that I dug targets with some degree of awareness of what I was about to uncover. While not every target was correctly identified, the detector did respectably represent itself. As with the other detectors in this series, the depth of the item clearly impacts the identification of the target. The TC3X has what I believe is a relatively short learning curve, one that even the new hobbyist should be able to master quickly. As with any detector, the more it is used, the more that good targets will come out of the ground.

In conclusion, after testing the TC1X, TC2X and the TC3X, I think the manufacturers of these detectors are on the right track. They have designed a knock out looking detector series which will certainly attract users of all ages. The overall ascetic design of the Treasure Commander series is second to none.

Functionally, the TC1X and the TC2X are very similar units. Each of these detectors will stand up to detectors in a similar price range. The TC1X is a basic machine designed to attract new and most likely younger hobbyists. With the addition of the GPS tracking system, the TC2X will likely be sought after by those individuals with little experience but some additional interest in the hobby.

The TC3X is in a class above the other two detectors in the series. The TC3X appears to have been designed with a more advanced hobbyist in mind as the end user. Because of the added features in this unit, the TC3X will hold its own next to other detectors. Even metal detectors in a much higher price range cannot offer all of the bells and whistles found in the TC3X. Things like the GPS, the night light, the touch screen control, and the overall design make this machine a good choice for anyone looking for the ‘biggest bang for the buck’. With a price point below $400.00 the TC3X is sure to be a winner.

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