Whites DFX Metal Detector Field Tests at Kellyco Metal Detectors

I finally got to take my new White's DFX out for a test on Saturday. The first place I tried was a high trash area. Along side an old railroad bed, it must have been a site where some maintenance or some metal work occurred. I dug lots of aluminum and copper. Learned a lot about the detector though, especially the preprogrammed coin mode. I haven't finished that site yet. But will probably shift to either the DP-Silver or Hi-Trash mode next time. The second site I tried was much cleaner; very little trash. Coin mode worked great there. I managed to find 24 cents in various change and 5 matchbox cars. Nothing old though; 1959 was the oldest coin. KELLYCO Sales Representative JW was right, the icons don't help much. The VDI number and the signagraph/bargraph, was well as sound, were the key.

The White's DFX is a good machine. I must say that the accessories really accentuate the purchase and make the hunting a lot easier. The headphones are good. The Gator Digger is especially handy and cuts through the dirt and sod easily. But the best thing, is the pinpointer. That thing was a tremendous help! It really helps locate coins that are buried in the soil and turf clods! Anyhow, I'm enjoying my new White's DFX so far and can't wait to get back out! – Doug J.

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