White's DFX Metal Detector Field Test Report by JW

White's Electronics Newest metal detector the DFX is definitely one of the BEST detectors I have ever used. I spent a lot of time with the XLT Spectrum series and thought that was the best detector available at that time. I personally sold many hundreds of this model to my Kellyco customers. However when I was given the opportunity to test and use the new DFX I was tremendously impressed. I really put the DFX through some tough hunting in the woods and scrub brush where relics were cleaned out years ago to beaches and even in shallow water as well as parks playgrounds schoolyards and the rest. The DFX was "Dynamite". Found numerous musket balls uniform buttons and other misc. Civil War relics in that so-called "cleaned out" area plus hundreds of coins rings and other jewelry in the parks and beach areas.

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