Garrett Pro Pointer Pinpointer Kit by Kellyco Metal Detectors

Key Features (read more...)

  • Water resistant
  • Automatic tuning
  • Pinpoint tip detection
  • LED light for low light uses
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Garrett Pro Pointer Pinpointer Kit by Kellyco Metal Detectors

with Garrett Pro Pointer and Belt Holster, Sawtooth Gator Digger with Treasure Hunting Sheath, Garrett Searcher, and FREE Ground Shipping

Product Description

PRO-POINTER Kit with Sawtooth Gator Digger, Treasure Sheath,Belt Holster, Garrett Searcher and FREE Ground Shipping. Combines performance with sleek design to assist in pinpointing those hard-to-find targets. With One-Touch ease of use, you will never want to be in the field without one.

What’s Included:
  • Garrett Searcher
  • Garrett Pro-Pointer
  • Garrett Belt Holster
  • 9 Volt Alkaline Battery
  • Sawtooth Gator Digger -From Kellyco
  • Treasure Hunting Sheath - From Kellyco
  • *FREE Ground Shipping Continental U.S Only
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Product Features

  • Water resistant
  • Automatic tuning
  • Pinpoint tip detection
  • LED light for low light uses
  • Woven belt holster (included)
  • Scraping blade for searching soil
  • 360 degrees side scan detection area
  • Woven belt holster and 9 volt battery: Included
  • Proportional audio/vibration pulse rate target indicators
Garrett Pro Pinpointer
with Garrett Searcher
Retail Price $149.95
Sale Price $127.45
Pro-Pointer Online Training
Pro-Pointer Basics
Pro-Pointer Tips
Components and Functions

Power Switch - To switch the detector on, press and release the power button while holding the PRO-POINTER away from metallic objects. The white LED will illuminate and two brief audio beeps will occur, indicating the PRO-POINTER is ready for use.

Audio and Vibrate Alerts - The speaker provides a clear audible sound whenever metal is detected. The PRO-POINTER’s vibrator motor also activates when a metallic target has been detected. As the PRO-POINTER is moved in closer proximity to a metallic target, the rate of the pulsing audio and vibrations will increase proportionally. As the PRO-POINTER is moved away from the metallic object, the rate of the pulsing audio and vibrations will decrease. This unique Garrett feature helps the user determine the precise location of the target.

Scraping Blade - The PRO-POINTER also includes a 3 .75" scraping blade to aid target recovery. This rugged edge is ideal for sifting through dirt while searching for the target. The PRO-POINTER’s 3 60 degree- side-scan metal detection allows the detector to alarm Garrett Metal Detectors when the blade is passed in close proximity to a metallic target.

LED Light - The white LED (located next to the Power Switch) will remain illuminated while the unit is on, providing power-on indication and acting as a flashlight when needed.

Audible Low Battery Alert - The battery The PRO-POINTER’s LED light helps illuminate targets in low light. Pro-Pointer condition of the PRO-POINTER is monitored continually. When the battery becomes low, the detector will sound an alternating dual-tone alarm. This sound indicates that the detector’s 9V battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

Battery Cover - This cover makes changing the single 9V battery quick and easy. No tools are required. Simply rotate the battery cover counterclockwise to remove and clockwise to tighten by hand. Battery contacts are keyed to avoid improper installation of the 9V battery.

Holster - The convenient holster helps secure the PRO-POINTER to any standard size belt.

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