Is Winter Really The Best Time to Buy A Detector?

Winter Detectors

Metal Detecting in the winter time ? YES, surprisingly when you're snowed in and the ground is too hard to dig for coins, gold jewelry, rings, and other treasures it is the perfect time to get a metal detector. Now you will have time to read the instruction, learn how all the controls work, test the unit and learn the best ways to use your detector. When the sun comes out and the snow is gone you will be the first one ready to locate all the treasures that were lost or purposely hidden.

Metal Detecting for treasures can be a great family adventure. Given an opportunity, everyone in the family (even friends) would jump at the chance to go Treasure Hunting with a metal detector. Just think of the family looking up the history of where you now live. When was your city or county established? Where were the first houses, schools, fair grounds? Where were the early churches and roads that went from one part of town to another? Was there an old railroad line no longer used, where was the station? You can even start on your own front and back yard, local parks, ball fields, anywhere people have been there will be coins, rings and even jewelry that were lost.

Kellyco promises to take your detector back if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase. No questions asked!

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Treasure Commander Si Robertson TC1X
w/ 10" Search Coil and RealTree Xtra Camo
Retail $400.00
NOW ONLY $ 299 .00
Total Package Savings: 45%
Treasure Commander Si Robertson TC2X
w/ 10" Search Coil, GPS Technology (GEO-X ), and RealTree Xtra Camo‌. is a Premium Pack wih
Retail $500.00
NOW ONLY $ 304 .21
Total Package Savings: 63%
Treasure Commander Phil Robertson TC3X
w/ 11" DD Coil, Touch Screen, Precision Search Technology (PST), GPS Technology (GEO-X )‌,
Retail $600.00
ONLY $499.00
Sold Out
Total Package Savings: 47%
Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector
w/ 6.5" x 9" PROformance Coil‌
Retail $179.95
NOW ONLY $ 152 .95
Total Package Savings: 60%
American Flag
USA Shipping Only Please
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector
w/ 8.5x11" PROformance DD Search Coil
Retail $699.95
NOW ONLY $ 594 .95
Total Package Savings: 48%
American Flag
USA Shipping Only Please
Retail $1,099.95
WAS $934.96
Total Package Savings: 17%
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USA Shipping Only Please
Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector
w/ 9" (7.5 kHz) Search Coil
Retail $495.00
WAS $399 .00
NOW ONLY $ 329 .00
Total Package Savings: 57%
Minelab X-Terra 705 Gold Pack
w/ 5x10" (18.75kHz) DD Coil
Retail $950.00
NOW ONLY $ 729 .00
Total Package Savings: 43%
Retail $3,250.00
NOW ONLY $ 2,499 .00
Total Package Savings: 30%
Teknetics T2 Special Edition
w/ 11" and 5" DD Search Coil
Retail $1,249.00
NOW ONLY $ 899 .00
Total Package Savings: 51%
Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector
w/ 8" Concentric Search Coil
Retail $299.00
NOW ONLY $ 199 .00
Total Package Savings: 61%
Retail $699.00
NOW ONLY $ 499 .00
Total Package Savings: 58%
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