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Find Gold and Silver at Unmatched Depths
Nokta Engineering operate under the principle that environmental and community responsibility, customer satisfaction and insistence on high-quality are of the utmost importance. Nokta Engineering aims to remain a leading pioneer in its professional sector, winning the trust of its consumers and always being the preferred choice for metal detecting.
Treasure Hunters all over the world have purchased their Detecting Devices and after reading the instruction material have used their detectors to find many treasures including Gold Coins, Gold Bars, Silver Coins, Gold artifacts, Silver bowls, Gold and Silver jewelry, Treasures of all types in all kinds of soils and many at depths much deeper than average detectors can reach. You should have no problem in self-learning how to tune and use your Nokta device. However, if you would like a demonstration before you make a purchase, see the information below or, and If you find you need assistance after you purchase your device, we are as close as your phone and can assist you using Skype and/or Face Time so we can actually see each other and can solve any problem you may have.
All Nokta Demonstration by Appointment Only! Demostración por Cita Solamente!
Please e-mail one of our GPR specialists to set up an appointment: contact us
Si necesita un consultor que hable Español, favor de contactar por telèfono o correo electrónico a: contact us
$500 Voucher for your Success Story
Submit success story to us related to the use of your Nokta metal detector.
FREE Velox One for your Video
Submit your video of finds or field test w/ Nokta detector & receive FREE Velox One.
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Nokta Metal Detectors Have Kellyco's Exclusive 120% Price Guarantee!
Nokta FORS CoRe Metal Detector
w/ 11.2x7" DD Waterproof Search Coil, Headphones & 4 AA Alkaline Batteries‌
NOW ONLY $999.00
Nokta FORS CoRe Pro Pack
w/ 5.2x4.7" coil, 11.2x7.0" coil, 15.5x13.3" coil, Headphones, Rechargeable Battery System,
NOW ONLY $1,399.00
Nokta FORS GOLD Standard Package
Nokta FORS GOLD Standard Package
Comes w/ 11.2x7" DD Search Coil, Headphones & 4 AA Alkaline Batteries
NOW ONLY $999.00
Nokta FORS GOLD Pro Package
Comes w/ 11.2x7" DD Search Coil, 5.2x4.7" DD Coil, 15.5x13.3" DD Coil
NOW ONLY $1,399.00
Nokta Velox One Metal Detector
w/ 11" Waterproof DD Search Coil, Headphones (style may vary), Coil Cover
NOW ONLY $995.00
Nokta Golden Sense Metal Detector
w/ 13x16” Waterproof DD Search Coil, Headphones (style may vary)
Retail $1,350.00
NOW ONLY $1,095.00
Total Package Savings: 19%
Nokta Golden King DPR Plus
w/ 24x39" Deep Search & 14x17" Detection Head
Retail $9,995.00
WAS $7,599.95
NOW ONLY $5,999.00
Total Package Savings: 40%
Nokta Golden King NGR Basic
w/ 14 x 17" Detection Head
Retail $7,995.00
WAS $5,995.00
NOW ONLY $4,799.00
Total Package Savings: 40%
Nokta's FREE $500 Coil Offer!
FREE $500 Coil Offer!
(Only Next 20 Orders!)
Receive FREE 8x12 inch search coil w/ purchase of Golden King Basic or Golden King Plus
Nokta RS Pinpointer Metal Detector
Don't waste time digging, speed up your searching!
Retail $189.00
NOW ONLY $129.95
Total Package Savings: 31%
Nokta RS Pinpointer Kit by Kellyco Metal Detectors
w/ Nokta's RS Pinpointer and Slide on Belt Sheath, Razor Edge Gator Digger w/ Treasure Sheath
Retail $249.95
NOW ONLY $139.95
Total Package Savings: 44%

Compare Nokta Golden King Detectors At-A-Glance

Golden King Plus Golden King Basic
Real Time 3-D System Yes Yes
D.I.S.S Technology Yes Yes
DSP Ground Balance Yes Yes
DSP 32 Bit Technology Yes Yes
Cave Detection Yes Yes
Metal Detection in Cavities Yes Yes
3-D System Both Metals and Cavities Yes Yes
Gas Sensor Yes No
Water Proof Camera Yes No
Super Deep Detection Capabilities Yes Yes
Requires Oversize Shipping Yes Yes
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- Kellyco Factory Certified Metal Detector Experts
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