Nokta Makro’s Newest Metal Detector: The Legend

Published by Jenna Anderson on 11/10/21

Nokta Makro Detectors have been in the metal detecting game for 17 years and focus on high-quality metal detectors that are affordable for both hobbyists and professionals. Their detectors cover a wide variety including detectors for gold prospecting, coin hunting, and other treasure-hunting expeditions. Needless to say, Nokta Makro always delivers on great quality for a great price and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new Nokta Makro The Legend Metal Detector.

Special Features

Simultaneous Multi-Frequency (SMF) Technology

The new Nokta Makro metal detector will feature the latest Simultaneous Mult-Frequency Technology aka SMF Technology. This technology will allow detectorists to use a range of frequencies without being limited to the option of choosing one frequency at a time, although SMF technology allows this option as well.

This frequency is also high enough for gold prospecting which leads us to suspect that this new machine will consist of a gold search mode allowing for gold prospecting capabilities.

Carbon Fiber Shaft

Nokta Makro also announced the shaft that will be included in the SMF metal detector package will be a carbon fiber shaft. These types of shafts are known to be lightweight, sturdy, and reliable.

Rechargeable Battery, Flashlight, and Vibration Mode

The new SMF machine will come equipped with a rechargeable battery, meaning detectorists can keep extra batteries on hand for backup and change the battery themselves, without requiring technicians to replace the battery for them.

Same Fully Waterproofing Housing as the Nokta Makro Simplex+

Nokta Makro has confirmed that the new machine will have the same waterproof housing as the Nokta Makro Simplex+. People have suspected that because of this, the new machine may be an upgrade of the current Simplex+, however, Nokta Makro has also confirmed that this is not true. The new machine will be a completely different machine than the Simplex+ with a completely different coil.

Competitive Price Point

This new simultaneous multi-frequency metal detector comes at a competitive price point and in two different packages:

  1. The Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector with Headphones: This package comes with the Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector, a standard 11″ coil, and a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones.
  2. The Nokta Makro Legend Pro-Pack Metal Detector: This package comes with the Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector, the standard 11″ coil, an additional 6″ coil, the Bluetooth wireless headphones, and a replaceable and waterproof battery with a charger.


Will this new machine have additional coil options?

Yes! Besides the standard 11″ coil that it comes with, there is also the 6″ coil that comes in the pro-pack, as well as an option for a 13″ coil.

When can we expect these to be shipped?

Shipments from the Nokta Makro factory are expected to take place in December. However, due to supply chain restraints, we cannot guarantee when these will arrive at our warehouse or how many we will receive. Once we receive them at our warehouse, we will begin shipping as soon as possible.

How much does The Legend Metal Detector weigh?

The weight of The Legend Metal Detector is very similar to the Nokta Makro Simplex+. This machine weighs about 3lbs.

Does this metal detector perform well on the beach?

Yes! This machine is silent and stable, especially on the beach. When it comes to beach performance, The Legend will outperform the Nokta Makro Simplex. However, the depth of the Simplex should not be overlooked as this is still a great option for searching deep targets.

What is the time length of the batter?

This varies depending on the type of frequency you use. Overall, the battery can last anywhere between 8 and 20 hours.

Can I use the Bluetooth headphones that I already have with The Legend?

Short answer, yes. However, if the headphones you already have are not low latency you may experience delays.

When will the user manual be available?

This is expected to be available at the end of November 2021 or the beginning of December 2021.

What is the warranty on this machine?

The Nokta Makro Legend Metal Detector has a 2-year warranty.

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