Brute Magnetics Brute Box 1,200 lb Magnet Fishing Bundle


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Product Description

Bring the power with this sturdy Brute Box 1,200 lb magnet fishing bundle that’s packed with what you need. This package comes with a powerful 1,200 lb neodymium magnet that’s A3 steel-plated with nickel/copper/nickel coating for maximum durability. With a pulling force of 1,200 lbs, this magnet will have the power to nab just about anything under water.

This bundle also comes with double-braided nylon rope with a strong 1,300 lb. break rating. The rope is also UV Fade and Rot resistant and will last you a lifetime. A strong carabiner (rated to 5,600 lbs) is also part of this awesome package as well as gloves to protect your hands. 

The case to house everything is built for work with a black high-impact polypropylene plastic coating which is IP 67 waterproof rated. Double draw latches keep things dry with a tight seal to lock out the elements. Get all of your fishing magnet needs in one package with this durable brute box 1,200 lb magnet fishing bundle today!


Magnet Specifications:

Dimensions: 4.72” x .70”
Hole Diameter: .47” (12mm)
Material: NdFeB Magnet + A3 Steel Plate
Coating: NiCuNi
Pulling Force: 1,200 lbs

Double Braided Nylon Rope Specifications:

Double Braided Nylon
1,300 lb Breaking Strength (Safe working load: 420lbs)
1/4" diameter (6mm)
8 inner strands
Rot and UV Fading Resistant
Not suitable for climbing
High quality carabiner rated to 5,600 lbs

Case Specifications:

Outside Dimensions: 10.5" x 9.5" x 6.75"
Inside Dimensions: 9.5" x 7" x 4.75"
Black high impact polypropylene plastic
IP 67 Waterproof Rating
Includes knob with O-ring for manual pressure adjustment
Two draw latches ensuring a tight seal
Two padlock holes for additional security
Holds one 1,200 LB magnet - 4.72" diameter


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    Brute Magnetics
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    Top-of-the-range Brute Magnetics 1,200 lb bundle + 1,300 lb. break rating double-braided nylon rope, and made from NdFeB Magnet + A3 steel.
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