Beginning November 11, 2021, qualified customers can now purchase a Garrett Metal Detector and receive 15% off with proof of military service.

Kellyco customers may receive one Garrett machine per year,  at a 15% off discount with proof of military affiliation. (Certain exclusions apply)

We accept the following proof of service:

  • DD214
  • Driver’s License with Veteran Label

You can email a copy of your proof of service to us at and add your documents as an attachement.

Shop some of the best-selling Garrett machines below or shop all Garrett Metal Detectors here and receive your 15% off discount with proof of military service today! 

Discounts cannot be retroactively applied after an order is placed so please mention at the time of placing your order.

**This offer excludes the Garrett ACE 200, Garrett ACE 250, Garrett ACE 300, Garrett ACE 400 and Garrett CSI 250 metal detectors.

Types of Metal Detector Accessories and Supplies

There are many metal detecting accessories to choose from. In fact, Kellyco offers a huge selection of all the tools you need, and lots of accessories that are not required, but they make your treasure hunting easier and more effective. Some of the tools that should be in your metal detecting tool box are:

  • Pinpointer – Pinpointers will help you save a load of time when you’re digging targets and filling in holes. They narrow down the exact location of items, letting you know where to dig and allowing you to make smaller, more precise holes. We offer a wide variety of pinpointers, at prices for every budget.
  • Trowel/Shovel – When you are looking for a digging tool, you first need to consider where you will be detecting and in what type of ground you will be digging for targets. You can get digging tools that are ideal for just about any type of surface layer, including hard, packed-down dirt, sand, and grassy areas.
  • Sand Scoop – If you are a beach detectorist, you cannot afford to not have a sand scoop. It’s essential to make searching in the sand, and a long handle means that you don’t have to submerge yourself to find items.
  • Batteries – There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a successful metal detecting trip when you run out of batteries. Always carry an extra set of batteries in your tool belt – you won’t be sorry.
  • Pouch – You will need somewhere to store your finds and a pouch is easy because you just fasten it around your waist and don’t have to worry about carrying an extra piece of equipment.
  • Headphones – Wearing headphones while you are detecting will help ensure that you’re not missing any alerts due to background or ambient noise. They help cancel out sounds around you, making it easy to hear even the quietest of tones. They also provide you with some privacy, as most detectorists don’t like for other people to hear when they find an item.

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