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The earliest use of headphones was in the 1950s and worn for telephone and radio. Headphones contained a pair of small loudspeaker drivers worn around the head and fixed over the ears with a metal headband, with electroacoustics transducers that convert an electrical signal into sound. The audio headphones had a wire which plugged into an amplifier. The Wirefree HD Headphones manufactured by Quest are cordless and operate with a separate transmitter and receiver. The receiver is built into the headphones. HD is High-definition Audio, also known as High-resolution audio, which produces a higher quality or fidelity sound. The high, middle and lower frequency responses of the sound are modified, creating the HD audio quality. The cordless headphones receive radio or infrared transmission links such as FM, Bluetooth or WiFi. The HD phones contain an on-off switch and volume control. A battery compartment is needed to power-up the headset. Each headphone is covered with a pliable soft cushion.

For warranty registration upon receiving your Quest metal detector, pinpointer or headphones, go to the Quest website and fill out this form to register your product.


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    Soft cushions to pad your ear, high definition audio created through a receiver/transmitter pair, all in the premium Quest HD headphones.
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