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Southern Relics began in 2015 by three friends (Chris Waters, Stephen Patterson and Jacob Coffey) who love to go metal detecting and gold prospecting. They are from the upstate of South Carolina. This journey started because they had been watching Nugget Noggin on YouTube and decided to make a channel of their own. Since 2015 they have found some really cool coins and relics including a World War I Military button and a fired musket ball from the Anglo-Cherokee War (mid-1700’s). They enjoy getting together to dig, but it has also caused their friendship to grow as well.

Stephen has become the face of the YouTube channel. He took the initiative to learn how to edit and upload videos to the platform. He loves to beach hunt while looking for coins and lost jewelry. His favorite detector is the Nokta Makro Simplex+. He has found many cool relics, but his favorite is the World War II Victory Medal that he dug from a city baseball field. It is now on display at the Kellyco Showroom in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Chris is the coin hunter. He has the Nokta Makro Simplex+ and he also swings the Garrett AT Pro. Chris is the comic relief of the group; when he is around, everyone is sure to get a good laugh at his humor. His favorite find is his first Indian Head penny. His reaction to that find will never be forgotten.

Jacob is the relic hunter, but always seems to end the day with a ring or the oldest coin of the group. He owns the Garrett AT Gold and the Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer. The Gold Kruzer is new to him, so he leans more toward the AT Gold when detecting. Jacob’s favorite find was a railroad spike that he dug when they travelled to Selma, Alabama. They metal detected on the property where the old railroad had been used by the Confederate army to supply for the war efforts during the American Civil War.

"Digging up history one relic at a time."

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