With more than 25 years experience as a manufacturer of underwater metal detectors, Aquascan offers specialist detectors and accessories for some rather specific detecting conditions. Aquascan metal detectors and accessories will allow you to venture into new lands without having to sacrifice any sense of reliability, durability, or accuracy in your detecting. Used to find important historical treasures, the range of items from Aquascan will allow you to explore more depths and uncover your very own buried treasure.

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Each metal detector by Aquascan is manufactured to a high specification. In order to determine the best Aquascan metal detector for you, it will depend on your own specific needs. From an underwater magnetometer, to standard diver kits with varying sizes of search coils, to the AQ1B commercial kit complete with a 15” submersible coil, and a battery that lasts up to 10 hours - Aquascan covers all possibilities.

The list of accessories from Aquascan is impressive and are all designed to make detecting in fresh water a lot easier. Detecting underwater can lead to you attempting to narrow down a signal in between rocks. The normal Aquascan metal detector will be unable to get into those areas and that is where the adjustable probe by Aquascan can play a role. Alternatively, the miniature palm coil is another useful tool in these situations. Aimed as a general purpose tool, it allows you to scan small areas where there is low visibility just by using your hand. 

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