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Top Metal Detector Manufacturers

Hobby Metal Detectors

The Manufacturers listed below carry a complete selection of Metal Detectors including, the most popular "all purpose" land use & submersible water detectors, gold finding detectors & relic detectors, etc.

Professional & Commercial Metal Detectors

Are suitable for serious hobbyists, professional detectorists and determined everyday users. Anyone searching for treasures that remain beyond the capabilities of all-purpose metal detectors should consider a professional detector, as many are able to search to depths impossible for the every day metal detector to reach!

Security Metal Detectors

Detectors, Walk-Throughs, Handhelds & More. These products help with security needs and crime scene investigation providing consistent performance and dependability.

Other Treasure Hunting Devices

From gold prospecting to long range locators Kellyco has everything you need for your treasuring hunting adventures.

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