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The BirdDogg (aka. Chris Armstrong) is an avid Civil War relic hunter who has been metal detecting for more than 25 years. Having grown up in colonial Virginia Chris found his passion for history at a young age and some of his earliest memories are of hunting for native american artifacts with his father. As time progressed his father introduced him to metal detecting and the rest is history! The BirdDogg now runs a successful YouTube channel documenting his adventures and he can most often be found out on the water searching for artifacts from the American Civil war.

The current line up of detectors in Chris’ arsenal include the Garrett AT pro, Nokta Makro Simplex, Nokta Makro Anfibio, the Garrett ATX and his all time favorite machine the Nautilus DMC2ba. “Those old school machines are all business, no bells, no whistle, just power to the ground.”

The BirdDogg’s favorite artifacts to search for are Civil War artillery, having found more than 40 artillery shells from America’s largest conflict. His favorite finds include a Confederate high lip Borman artillery shell and a Martingale breast plate found at the battle of Perryville, Kentucky. You can follow along as the BirdDogg pursues our countries past by visiting his channel The BirdDogg on Youtube.

"Every day is a good day to dig."

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