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Hello everyone! I’m Greg Pickens from Finding America on YouTube and I’ve been metal detecting since December of 1979. I began detecting while living on an old Indian Wars cavalry post in Arizona called Fort Huachuca. It was an amazing place to be a 12 year old and to be there digging up relics and coins from the days of the US Cavalry, Cowboys and Indians. I became addicted to detecting right off the bat and soon afterwards moved to Germany where I hunted for the next 6 years digging up Roman, Medieval and World War II artifacts and coins. It was there, during my high school days that I actually got a Garrett Freedom II metal detector from Kellyco! Since then, I have been detecting nonstop for 41 years all over the United States. After having been a customer of Kellyco going way back, I am very excited to be part of the Kellyco VIP Test Team.
I have used many different Whites, Garrett, Fisher, and Minelab detectors through the years. My favorite machine to use right now is the Minelab Equinox 800. I also currently use a Minelab 15" Equinox search coil. Minelab 6" search coil, Minelab Pro-Find 35 Pinpointer Garrett Pro-Pointer AT, Lesche hand digger, Whites Digmaster, Root Slayer Nomad shovel, Gravedigger 36" Tombstone Shovel in Venom Green, Kellyco Red Elite Detector Bag, ROC A4 digging gloves, Kellyco Finds Brush, André's Pencil Set, and a good set of knee pads! LOL

Wherever I can put my coil to the soil is where I like to metal detect. I hunt any location I can get permission to including fields, woods, front yards, empty city lots, court houses, sidewalks, schools, etc.

From coins to relics, I like to find everything! If it is old and unusual, I love finding it.

What sets my YouTube channel apart is that making the find is just the beginning for me. I enjoy showing the find cleaned and restored and also when possible showing the viewer photos of the item in use when it was new. I also love to delve into the history and share the stories the finds have to tell with my viewers.

Many times, the unassuming find turns out to be the greatest treasure. I also like to show people what they can find by digging it all and finding so many amazing treasures that many passed over because the numbers told them it was “trash”. So many amazing items that fall into the “trash” VDI numbers are out there just waiting to be dug!

My motto on the channel is “History makes the find a treasure!“

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