Lesche 40" T-Handle Ground Shark Shovel


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Product Description

3.5x12" Blade. This Tool is Great for Deep Caches and for Uncovering Large Finds. Only 40" in Length Overall

3.5x12" blade, shovel is 40" long. Ed Fedory is undoubtedly one of the best relic hunters in the United States and he knows what it takes to be a successful relic hunter. His recovery tool of choice? Relic Ground Shark. "With its multiple cutting edges I have an advantage in the field." Not just limited to relics, this tool is also great for deep caches and for uncovering large finds.


  • Manufacturer
    Lesche Digging Tools
  • Quick Look
    Reach for the deepest caches with this Lesche 40" Ground Shark T-Handle Shovel. Its 3.5x12" blade makes it a vital tool for deep digging
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    30" and up
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    Digging Tool


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