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My name is Brandon, and I have a YouTube channel called Mr. Detectorist of which I am the impromptu and often comical cameraman, actor, producer, and dialogue consultant. As a young boy, who was always interested in pirates and treasure hunting, I was always dreaming of the day when I would discover that bounty of jewels and gold. This young desire has not diminished with age and has resulted in the exciting pursuit of metal detecting.

For approximately seven years, I have had the opportunity to research and discover many avenues of feeding my passion for uncovering the hidden treasure beneath the surface of the earth and water. Whether finding metal pull tabs, a gold ring, sparkling diamonds, or true pirate doubloons, I am quite content with a metal detector and a bit of land or water. I began detecting with a simple bounty hunter detector and now use the Minelab Equinox 800 and Minelab Excalibur II. Using these detectors allows me to experience the opportunity to hunt in the water and on land and gives me the biggest thrill and the best treasures. Fighting the waves to discover a small ring or participating in a good relic hunt, especially on old property, is a heart-throbbing experience. Finding an old coin or a forgotten piece of silver is thrilling and always brings a special joy to my day. Hearing the beeps from the detector, alerting me to a hidden treasure, always makes my heart rate accelerate with excitement followed by the mind-blowing experience of digging.

I have always enjoyed seeing what my detector allows me to find leading to the experience of bringing the relic back from the hidden past. My favorite machine at the moment is the Minelab Equinox 800. It has the best versatility, in my opinion, because it allows me to walk from an old home site directly into the beach water. My favorite find would have to be an old silhouette penny that was from my family’s great grandmother’s youth. Another memorable time happened when a man lost a special knife in the gulf. He saw me using a metal detector and asked if I would try to find it for him. I hunted for what seemed like an eternity and finally, the loud signals came from my detector as the knife was located. The happy relieved look and the gratefulness on his face is forever etched in my memory. Aside from the great stories a person gains from metal detecting, one of my favorite things to do is return something to someone that was long lost.

It is such a great gift that a hobby allows someone the opportunity to do so many amazing things. From a young youth, till now as an adult, I still find wonder in the search for that hidden pirate treasure and plan to metal detect until I find the bounty of gold, diamonds, doubloons….and of course...those beautiful metal tabs.

"I have always enjoyed searching for things, and the Minelab Equinox 800 is my goto machine when I want to find the good stuff."

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