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Hey guys, SwampKritter here! I'm a treasure hunter, fossil hunter, amateur historian and YouTuber! I prefer relic hunting for civil war relics but I do enjoy hunting anything outdoors from Bottles, Diving, Fossils, Native American, Civil War and Colonial artifacts. More so, I love traveling and exploring new destinations while sharing my adventures on Youtube!

My Go-To machine for land hunting is the XP ORX which I was able to make my favorite find of all time with, a set of silver hand etched tudor rose cufflinks from a late 1600's colonial site! When I dive I prefer the Nokta Makro Anfibio which I was able to make my favorite water find with, a super rare 6.4" 100 pound James Bolt from the American Civil War. I have been in the hobby for almost 30 years, and boy oh boy, can I feel it too!

I got started at the young age of just 7 while exploring an old house on my grandparents land that was being remodeled. My cousin and I stumbled on a hidden box in the floor joists of the house that was built sometime before Abraham Lincoln was President. This box contained several confederate notes that were stashed there during the civil war. Little did I know then this find would ultimately jumpstart my dream of finding buried treasure!

It's every little kid's dream at some point in time to dig buried treasure, with Kellyco's help this dream can become a reality!

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