Yankee Down South Adventures at Kellyco Metal Detectors

Yankee Down South Adventures

A Kellyco Affiliate

Well growing up in Connecticut, I loved history. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get into Metal Detecting till after i moved to FL. My first detector was a Whites Prizm V, then I graduated to the AT Pro, and faithfully used it until the Max came out. I then decided to have extra detectors around so that I could let home owners use or if a friend tags along. Being an affiliate, it helps to know more than one detector. But I now have in my arsenal a Nox 800 (My Favorite) and a Simplex.

I love to hunt for relics and coins, and on occasion I do hit a beach while on vacation. I have become quite the go-to guy in North Florida when it comes Metal Detecting Events. I started what is known as the Florida Hunt Series; they date back to 2009. Started on Treasurenet, called originally as the Florida Gathering, it moved when Facebook became the platform of choice. They have grown larger each year attracting people all over the US and Canada.

My Favorite Find would have to be my 1870 Officers Belt plate found here in the Gainesville area.

"Saving our History for the Future."

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