A Golden Story Buried at the Bottom of the Ocean

Published by Morrison C. on 09/16/21

In 1988 i was living on Grand Bahamas Island For my 24th Birthday my dad bought me a Whites metal detector i was on a beach walking got a strong signal dug up a green looking metal but heavy then another one and another one in total i found 16 of them notice some round smooth rocks laying everywhere i pick up a few and took them and the metal to my dad showed him the rocks he cleaned off one metal object and it was a 1714 Spanish 8 reale my dad asked me where i found them so the next day i took him out to where i found the coins he said the rocks are from a ship he dove out in 12 foot of water and found it he took out a salvage lease on the wreck for 99 years we removed 5 million dollars worth of gold and silver the Spanish government took 75% of it we are sure there is still more out thete but he never went back to the location for my 50th birthday my wife had this necklace made out of one of the coins i found..the gold is from rings i found over the years the diamonds are from my mothers wedding ring she passed away January 19th 2011 dad passed away January 5th 2021 from covid-19 (see attached picture) i have all the documents and pictures to back up this story feel free to contact me.

14k Gold Necklace with Old Spanish Coin at Center in the Center on Blue Black Background

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