Family Lost, Family Found

Published by Gary Y. on 09/02/21

It was a very early hunt at the beach in June.  I hunt this beach often, even though it is now over hunted.  I was 2 hours into my hunt with only 2 pennies and a pull tab to show for my efforts. I was right at the water’s edge when I finally heard a nice signal. Fighting the waves, I finally had the target in my scoop. I noticed it had a small loop on it and I realized it was a pendant. It had writing on both sides but I could not make it out.  Once I got home I examined in pendant and found it to have names and dates on it.  There was one surname and a date on one side and several names and dates on the other.  My wife and I tracked one name down, sent an email to the company he worked for and they sent me his work email. I sent him an email explaining my find and asked if someone in his family had lost it. To my surprise, he had lost it.  He explained he had lost it when swimming. The Side with the surname had his father’s birthday on it. The other side had his mother’s birthday and the names and birthdays of his siblings.  His father had passed and he had this pendant made.  Seeing his joy when I handed him the treasure is one reason I love finding, and returning treasures whenever possible.

Treasure in Hand and Returned to the Rightful OwnerFarther Back View of Detectorist and Person Who Owns the Pendant Engraved with Dates and Last Name

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