I Accidentally Found My Grandfather's Class Ring!

Published by Boone D. on 11/17/21

I was detecting a grass parking lot in our small community that I have detected before, but not entirely. I had been detecting for a couple of hours and was getting nothing but a bunch of nails and canslaw/pull tabs. I came across a spot where I got 5 or 6 solid mid 50s signals on my AT Pro in a 3x3 area. The first hole was a pull tab, the second a piece of slaw. I had decided to give up and move on, but I went ahead and dug one more. It was showing about two inches on my machine. When I popped open the hole I knew my luck had changed, that wonderful color we all know. GOLD! I happily pulled out this 10k 1963 Virginia Tech Class ring! When I started cleaning it I saw writing on the inside. A little more cleaning showed something I didn't believe at first. The name on the inside was my grandfather! I later took the ring to him and he was more shocked than me. He said that he had lost that ring 30 years prior and had no idea where. What are the chances that I am the guy with the metal detector that uncovered it. Fate is a funny thing. These are pictures of the ring fully cleaned later.

Image of Ring Held Between Forefinger and Thumb with Beautiful Green Colored Gemstone or Emerald at Center and Virginia Polytechnic Institute Around the Edge with Other Details Visible at Edge and BezelGranite or Marble Countertop in Background with KitImage of Ring Held on Forefinger with Beautiful Green Colored Cabochon Gemstone or Emerald at Top and Side Showing Eagle with Shield and Year 1963

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