Large cent spill....with Garret AT Gold

Published by Heriberto C. on 10/27/21

Hi, hello everyone. This time I want to share one of the best days with my Garrett AT-GOLD ... I got up very early to go and have fun with my detector along a colonial road, after spending a few hours walking and walking without success just trash and some current coins BOOMMMM the majestic sound, that sound that only those who have experience in this hobby know that it is a sound of a precious coin. Exactly, I was not mistaken I had in my hand a beautiful large cents from 1821 I could not do it believe the date and the condition with very good details and as usual for a good treasure hunter pass the detector again and waooowww another one could not believe it the hole sack and another one from 1816 was shaking the first time he took out two coins So old in the same hole and I said I will pass it again and another time I said that this is another large cent from 1818 ohhh my God could not believe it, we cannot give up on perseverance there is always a prize, thanks to the Garrett AT-GOLD ... THANKS ...

Obverse Side of Three Large One Cent Pieces with Lady Liberty's Head Visible with Crown 18161818

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