Lost Valuables Found in Cancun, Mexico

Published by Paul D. on 06/06/21

It all started with a phone call at 7 am on May 16 2021 from a guest staying at a hotel on the beach here in Cancun Mexico. The guest had lost his platinum wedding ring in the ocean. He found me through my Facebook page Devine's Lost and Found in Cancun, Mexico. When I arrived I was shown the general area in the ocean where he thought he lost his ring. After about 30 minutes of hunting, I was successfully able to locate his ring and return it to him. Before I left I gave my phone number to the hotel just in case anyone else may lose something in the future and they might need my assistance to help locate and reunite them with their lost valuables. Just 4 hours later I received another call from the hotel asking me if I could return to help a guest that lost their iPhone 12 cell phone in the ocean. I went there and was able to find the phone in less than 10 minutes and reunite them with the phone that was undamaged after surviving in the ocean for more than 3 hours and by my Sito sand scoop I bought from Kellyco that I had used to dig it out of the sand. I was also using a Minelab Equinox 600 to locate the lost lost items this day. My Facebook page is my old tree service business page that I had when I lived in Orlando before I moved to Cancun Mexico 5 years ago. I only changed the title of the page to help people find me if they needed my help to find their lost valuables here and so my former clients could keep in touch with how and what I was doing after I closed the business and moved to Cancun. I bought my first detector, a Garret AT Pro, and a Garret pinpointer from Stevie Ray at the Kellyco showroom in winter springs FL about 3.5 years ago and returned a year later to buy my Sito scoop there also. Because Kellyco does not ship items internationally I had to buy my Minelab EQ 600 from Master Detector in Monteray Mexico after my last visit to Kellyco. The original commentary from the person who lost the phone and posted the photo and story to Facebook that I shared on my page is as follows....... A crazy thing happened today! I dropped my phone in the ocean! I was so sad but this crew refused to give up, went diving for hours and finally called Paul with a waterproof metal detector and he found it! Unreal! Talk about going above and beyond! They all walked away with a very nice tip! My phone still works and posting from it as we speak! God is great! Thank you, Cruz, Lenny, and Paul! We love you all! Please check out my page and give it a like and see the post there...

Recovery of Lost Ring and Cell Phone in Cancun Mexico

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