Peace Be with Me, and a Pocketed Peace Dollar!

Published by Chris S. on 06/23/21

After a 40+ year hiatus from metal detecting, I ordered a Garrett Apex from Kellyco on 11/30/20. It arrived on 12/02/20. I didn't take it out until today, 01/16/21 (45 days later!). I went to a permission that I had gotten last summer when I was deciding which detector to buy. I didn't know WHAT I was doing with the thing. Plus I didn't bring a hand trowel or a pin pointer although I did have my Lesche shovel. The detector was chirping, quacking, clucking - it was noisy!! I just don't know the correct settings yet. The numbers were all over the place so I didn't dig many of the signals. The few that I did dig, I mostly didn't find - some signals wouldn't repeat after I had a plug out. As I started to head back to my truck, I kept swinging. I hit a signal and decided to dig it. By this time, I wasn’t even paying attention to the display much. I don’t think I actually got it up in the first plug – I had to expand my hole a little. What popped out was definitely a bucket lister!! A 1924 Peace Dollar! I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture at the site but I got home and washed it with water and dish soap. I haven't been back out yet but I'm going back to the same permission first when I do get back out!

Obverse of Peace Dollar with 1924 Visible Along Lower EdgeReverse of Peace Dollar with Peace Visible Along Lower Edge

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