Recent Finds from Ted and an AT Pro

Published by Kevin J. on 01/18/22

I am submitting this on behalf of my father Ted. He will be 80 years old this year. His skills are improving considerably. He uses a Garrett Pro and Garrett Pro Pointer AT. The coin we are not sure of what it is and the skull pin with ruby colored eyes were found last year at two local parks in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The bracelet is sterling silver with Mexico stamped inside. Was found visually while detecting the first week of 2022 at a school yard playground.

Man Holding Finds with Metal Detector and Pinpointer on Straw Strewn on Ground and Digger beside Metal DetectorMountains and a Tree are in the BackgroundMan Holding a Find with Garrett At Pro and Headphones in Other Hand In front of House and Red Pickup TruckGold Skull Pin Encrusted in Gems with Ruby Red Eyes on Paper Towel BackgroundBracelet Inlaid with Various Stones in Blue and Green on Silver Resting on Red Cloth

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