Spanish Reale Spill

Published by Stef T. on 06/29/20

On March 16th, 2019, I was slowly making my way out of the woods after a long day of detecting in Eastern Connecticut when my Minelab Equinox 600 picked up a deep signal bouncing around 29/30. I mentally crossed my fingers for silver, popped the plug, and after shifting the dirt around in the hole, I saw it - straight up and down in a ball of dirt was a big, round silver edge. I picked up the coin, carefully popped the dirt off, and a familiar face with a big nose was staring back at me, gleaming in the sunlight for the first time in over 200 years. It was my dream coin - a pristine 1779 2 reale! With that unbelievable coin in hand, I ended the day and hiked out of the woods, ecstatic about my bucket lister. Eager to return to the site, I went back on March 26th for a necessary recap. I knew exactly where I had dug the 2 reale as the ground still appeared disturbed, and I had taken photos of the area the last time I was there so that I would easily find my way back. I decided to swing over my original plug and to my surprise, I got a solid 22 signal on the Equinox which turned out to be a 1773 half reale. At that moment, my heart nearly stopped as I realized that A) I had made a huge mistake by not rechecking the hole in my excitement the first time, and B) I had a spill that most of us only dream of. To be sure I didn’t make the same mistake twice, I swung over the hole again and got another 22 signal - in about 10 seconds, I had a 1789 half-reale in my hand. That was the moment I knew I had not only an incredible spill but that it was the find of a lifetime!


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