Swedish 5 Ore Copper Coin from 1857

Published by Aaron B. on 06/29/20

I have a permission that I’ve been working locally, where the property owner’s family has inhabited the property since the mid-1800s when they immigrated there from Sweden. My first detector had been doing just fine for me, as I am relatively new at the hobby, but I purchased a Minelab Equinox 800 from Kellyco anyways, because I wanted a better and more versatile machine. On my first hunt with my Equinox 800, I went back out to the above mentioned and found an old copper wedding band and this Swedish 5 ore copper coin from 1857. This coin was in the pocket of the property owner’s great-great-grandfather when he crossed an ocean to relocate here. When their house burnt down in the late 1800s, this coin was lost to history. That is until my Equinox 800 and I rescued it from its 130-year-old hiding spot. The coin along with the other relics I found belonging to the family are being placed into a nice wooden case to be presented to the property owner on his birthday this year, so they can stay within their family.


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