The Thrill of the Hunt

Published by Audrey Floyd on 04/17/24

Anthony K - Belvidere, NC - Minelab Equinox 800 

Anthony and his friend had been scouring fields before they were planted. As he swept his metal detector across an old, overlooked field, he wasn't expecting much. His day unfolded with the usual—coins from the '90s and pull tabs. But as dusk approached, his detector signaled something unusual. Expecting a button, he was prepared for another typical find.

He dug into the earth, and to his astonishment, unearthed not a button, but a rare 1854 Gold Liberty Coin, glinting in the fading light. The shock left him speechless. His friend, standing about 15 feet away, could tell from Anthony's expression that it was something extraordinary. Unable to speak, he simply reached out and dropped the coin into his friend's hand, shaking too much to even manage a fist bump.

This discovery was not just a thrill; it was a profound connection to the past, a tangible reminder that incredible treasures are hidden beneath our feet, waiting for those persistent enough to uncover them.

For all who seek adventure, remember Anthony's story. Keep your expectations flexible and your eyes keen. You never know when the ground beneath you will reveal something as extraordinary as a piece of history.

Every beep might just lead to your next big discovery. #TreasureAwaits

Huge Thank You to Anthony K for sending us this incredible find. Send us your finds, Happy Hunting! 

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