Trifecta! Three Coins Including One Buffalo

Published by Squy W. on 05/20/21

Occasionally my wife and I walk the trail around a small lake in one of our local parks. Recently we noticed that the park maintenance people had cleared some of the dense brush under a small grove of old trees near the path. I had never been able to detect under the trees because of the underbrush. Later I returned to the park to detect the newly cleared area. I checked the EMI and ground balanced my Equinox 800 before I started to slowly sweep the new area. When I got a clear signal with a VDI of 13, I suspected that I had found a beaver tail pull tab from an old soda can, but dug the target anyway. Much to my surprise, I dug out a very dark corroded disk the size of a nickel. When I brushed off the dirt, I could barely see the outline of a buffalo on the coin. Even though the date was worn off, I was thrilled because I had never found a buffalo nickel during my 14 years of detecting! I did a short happy dance in celebration. When I calmed down, I continued to detect the area and got a good solid penny signal which turned out to be a 1944 wheat sheaf. I continued to hunt the area and had a solid signal with a VDI of 25. As I dug the coin from the dirt, I could see the unmistakable sheen of a silver coin. This time it was a 1935 mercury dime. I did another happy dance to celebrate finding three of the oldest coins I had ever found in the park, including the buffalo nickel that had been on my life-long bucket list. One of the lessons I learned from my successful hunt was to always be on the look out for newly opened areas of an old park that hadn’t been detected before.

Obverse Side of Buffalo NickelWheat Penny and Mercury Dime on Wood Grain Background

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