Victory: A 1867 V Nickel Recovered

Published by Preston B. on 06/17/21

This weekend I received permission to detect an old area that used to be a farm. The land owner took me to a couple spots he thought may have potential. After walking around for hours with nothing but trash to show for my time, I was ready to call it quits. There was a creek that ran through the edge of the property that I decided to follow on the way back to my truck. I crawled over the fence and walked roughly twenty feet to the creek bank when I heard the first signal on my at pro. I dug down 6 inches and out of the edge of my hole fell a nice 1867 nickel! Knowing a little history of the area I knew that during the Indian wars there were camps in the area that guarded the railroad workers that were building the tracks. I searched some more and found quite a few artifacts that proved that this was probably one of these camps. I cant wait to get back out there!

Collection of finds including old bullet casings and shellsa screwa washer

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