EZ RAD PRO SCUDO Ground Penetrating Radar


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Product Description

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) is a device that emits very short impulses of radio waves (2-10 NS, 100-1000 VOLTS) into the ground and then receives the reflection of these radio waves. These reflections are then processed by very sophisticated computer software to produce an image of what is underground. GPR is an excellent way to find underground anomalies such as caves, tunnels, mine shafts, mineral veins, water, or buried treasure. Up until now, GPR has been very expensive, very difficult to use, and not very portable. The EZ RAD SCUDO, by Terra Exploration Group, is light weight and portable, hand held, and produces REAL-TIME imaging as you walk. There is no need to process the data after you do a survey. All you need to do is turn it on and start walking, you will INSTANTLY see what is below your feet to depths up to 20 meters!The EZ RAD SCUDO is so easy to use, you will be an expert in no time! It's affordable too! Only $9,995
The EZ Rad Scudo is an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) shielded pulsed Ground Probing Radar (GPR) for non-destructive imaging of subsurface structures. It comprises of a transmitter and receiver boards and antennae, a controller board and a distance measurement device.
The EZ RAD SCUDO is an indispensable tool for every researcher, archaeologist, geo-engineer or hobbyist.

Easy assembly and startup in less than 10 minutes.

Versatile & robust: 
Made for the harsh outdoors - water and dust resistant.

Power in your pocket:
Just connect to THE INCLUDED Android TABLET , press start and you are instantly surveying! 

Lightweight & Easy to Carry:
Packaged neatly in a lightweight backpack, the whole system is under 7 lbs.
Live feed of what is under your feet - no delays, no confusions.
Multiple Uses:
Mineral exploration & tunneling design
Mine Site Evaluation
Stratigraphy & Strata Mapping
Water & Gas Pocket Detection
Glaciology & Ice Thickness Determination
Archaeological Surveying  
Infrastructure Planning & Construction
Evaluate Construction Site Stability
Detect Sinkhole Areas 
Buried Cache Detection 

Frequency Bandwidth 30 MHz - 900 MHz
Central Frequency 500 MHz
Operating Time Windows 50 ns / 100 ns
Dynamic Range 120 dB min
Horizontal Resolution 0.1 m
Vertical Resolution 0.05m
Pulse Repetition Frequency 75 kHz
Pulse Length 3 ns
Pulse Energy 600 V
Pulse Rise Time 1 ns
Power Consumption 270 mAh
Batteries 10/20 x 2.4 Ah NiMH 1.2 V
Autonomy with One Charge 7 h / 14 h
Charge Time 5 h / 10 h
ADC Range 8 bits
Data Acquisiton Rate 18.2 traces/second
Samples per Trace 585
GPR Interface UART over USB
Operating Temperature Range -5° C to 40° C
Water Resistance IP 52
Size 38/35/15 cm
Weight 7 Lbs.


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