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Kellyco GPAA 2 Year Membership Kit
GPAA 2 Year Membership Plus Detecting & Prospecting Accessories

Looking for something that can be fun for the whole family? There’s nothing like searching for treasure! Get started with a GPAA 2 Year Membership. No more researching search sites without any idea if your location will yield gold. With the GPAA Mining Guide, determine which of the 300+ gold-bearing properties is next on your list, and GO! You can search with confidence on sites nationwide with up to 4 additional guests. The whole family can enjoy the thrill of striking gold!

In addition to over 300 gold prospecting properties, the GPAA 2 Year Membership gives you the tools you need to dig deeper into gold prospecting no matter your skill level. GPAA has local chapters in almost every state, enabling gold prospecting enthusiasts to connect like never before. In addition to local chapters, you will always be connecting to a worldwide network of the world’s largest prospecting organization. With these benefits as well as a 14" Gold Pan, Mining Guide, Sure Fire Panning DVD and other GPAA accessories, there have never been more reasons to join GPAA.

What's Included:

  • 2 Year Activation
  • 14" Gold Pan : Don’t leave any gold behind. Let our unique, 14" gold pan trap every flake and give you more gold.
  • Mining Guide : Know where you’re going. Use our handy Mining Guide to locate over 300+ gold claims with turn-by-turn directions, geographical information and much more.
  • Instructional DVD : Learn valuable tips to enhance your next metal detecting trip.
  • GPAA Hat, Small Patch & Stickers : Support your GPAA community with these GPAA accessories.
  • Snuffer Bottle : Never loose gold flakes again! Retrieve your gold flakes easily with the snuffer bottle.
  • Gold Prospectors Magazine : Finally, a bi-monthly publication with all the industry information you need. Find true adventure stories, "How-To" Articles, equipment reviews and more.
  • Pick & Shovel Gazette : Keep up to date with GPAA events, news, claims, and more!


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    Your complete 2-year membership kit from the prestigious GPAA. Includes the best mining guide, GPAA branded kits, snuffer bottle, etc.
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    Detecting Kits
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