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Product Highlights

  • Construction: Gel padded inner cushion with hard outer shell
  • Size: Approximately 7" x 7-1/2" outer dimensions with adjustable, elastic straps measuring about 14"

Product Description

Don't forget to protect your knees while you are out treasure hunting. Once you catch the signal from your metal detector, you know it is time to get down in the dirt and dig for treasure. Whether you are pulling relics, coins, or jewelry from the ground, you know what a toll it can take on your knees. These Kellyco knee pads have gel padding on the inside and a rigid outer shell on the outside to keep you safe from rocks or other debris you may encounter. Don't skimp on knee pads, your knees will think you. With a little extra comfort, you can dig for even longer and deeper for the treasures you want to find. You can even pickup a few more pieces of Kellyco gear to round out your kit.


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    Don't forget one of the most important pieces of detecting gear, your knee pads, on your next hunt. Your knees will thank you for these gel-padded, adjustable knee pads.
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