15x12" Mono Commander Search Coil (GPX / GP / SD)


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Product Description

Water Resistant 15x12" Search Coil from Minelab, Compatible with Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series

Commander coils are well made robust coils designed to cope with the rugged conditions of the gold fields. Designed to get the most out of your GP series detector the following coils will also enhance the performance of your SD series machine. Greater depth and more ground coverage than the 11" DD. It provides stable operation in all soils, and is also water resistant. This is a great coil for all round use in highly variable soils and a lighter more maneuverable alternative to the 18" DD when seeking out large nuggets in heavy mineralization. It’s semi-elliptical design provides impressive sensitivity for its size.

Minelab Commander Coil Non-Cancellation Notice : Demand for the Minelab 15x12" Semi-Elliptical Mono Commander Search Coil have created a huge demand resulting in the manufacturer requiring distributors and dealers to pay for all orders in advance regardless of the number of coils on order. There will be no cancellations or refunds as production schedules will include every order submitted and paid for. Deliveries will be made as product is delivered.


Size : 15x12" in Diameter
Construction : Water Resistant
Configuration : Monoloop Search Coil
Compatibility : Minelab GPX, GP and SD Series
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