Minelab Plug Kit (Gold Monster)

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Product Description

When it comes to charging your Gold Monster metal detector, you need to look at having a plug kit. Minelab has you covered with this plug kit. This will allow you to charge the standard Gold Monster lithium-ion battery that is inside of the detector. Whenever you are getting low on a charge, you can take the battery pack out and plug it into a standard AC outlet using the plug kit.

Also known as a charger plug back, it allows you to quickly get a charge. Once you’re back up and running with a full battery, you will easily have a full day’s worth of power. This can be the best solution when you want to be able to plug your Gold Monster in for charging rather than going through multiple battery packs at a time. Then, you can enjoy all of its performance features.


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    Charge your Gold Monster metal detector with ease using this Minelab Plug Kit using direct mains power for extra reliability and performance
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