Minelab Replacement O-Ring Gasket Set (CTX-3030 / GPZ 7000)


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Product Description

Minelab Replacement O-Ring Gasket Set (CTX-3030 / GPZ 7000)
For CTX-3030 Models AFTER Jan. 16, 2016 and the GPZ 7000

This set includes three O-Ring waterproof seals for the CTX-3030 and GPZ 7000, a battery mount cap and a screw-on cap that protects the audio / headphone connector.

CTX 3030/GPZ 7000 Battery Sealing – Care and Maintenance

O-Ring 1

With care and maintenance, the installed battery forms a water tight fit to the detector. However in some instances a few customers have reported the CTX 3030 battery seal leaking. Following investigation we determined that in these instances the leaking has been caused by sand or grit contaminating the o-ring - as seen in the example to the right :

Clearing the sand and grit from the O-ring and its mating surfaces, and re-fitting the o-ring carefully, will ensure the units do not leak to at least 3 meters (10ft) depth.

Minelab recommends that prior to submersing in water, care is taken to ensure the battery sealing O-ring, the O-ring seating groove and the battery O-ring mating face are undamaged and kept clean.

O-Ring 2

To achieve this, we recommend:

O-Ring 3

  • Remove the O-Ring (with a soft tool)
  • Gently Brush or Wipe Out the O-Ring Groove and Battery Mating Face (ensuring damage to the surfaces is avoided)
  • Wipe Over the O-Ring (use a clean, moistened cloth)
  • Visually Inspect the Areas to Ensure All Sand, Grit or Other Contaminants have been Removed
  • Refit the O-Ring Ensuring that it is Seated at the Bottom of the Groove, is not Twisted and Ensure the Corners are Aligned - as Shown at the Right
  • Fit the Battery to the Detector
  • Ensure the Battery Clips are Fully Closed
  • Damaged O-Rings or Batteries Must be Replaced Prior to Submersing your Detector


*Red O-Ring shown in pictures above is for Older CTX 3030 Models (Made BEFORE Jan.16, 2016). Shown as an example.


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    Minelab replacement O-Ring gasket set: sits solidly on the CTX-3030 and GPZ 7000 metal detectors
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