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Product Description

Everyone who has experience metal detecting knows that they need to have a pouch to hold their equipment and treasures. This pouch, tool, and trash kit for Minelab metal detectors is very helpful and will serve that exact purpose. This pouch has multiple pockets so that people will have multiple options for their various items. The pockets are well-protected with either Velcro or zippers that will help people store their trash or valuables. The pouch has been designed with an extremely durable material that will not tear with routine use, ensuring that the pockets will guard any valuables well. The main pocket is nine inches in size and can be closed with the velcro attachment. The majority of the other pockets are closed with firm zippers. Those who need a place to store their treasures should give this pouch, tool, and trash option a try.


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    This comfy, yet, practical Minelab pouch keeps your treasures & tools safe while you are detecting
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