Nokta Makro 11" Black AF28 Waterproof DD Search Coil (Anfibio / Kruzer)


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Product Description

This DD search coil is perfect for the serious prospector. This 11” waterproof search coil has been designed for use with the Nokta | Makro Anfibio and Nokta | Makro Kruzer metal detectors. The Search Head is approximately 11 inches in diameter. Furthermore, this is the standard coil meant for any Anfibio metal detector. On the Nokta | Makro Kruzer detector models, this coil is an optional add-on.

This coil will work to find a variety of individual targets. This unit is best for coins, the beach and finding some relics like old buttons or iron buckles. The coil penetrates deep into the ground with unmatched accuracy, allowing for stress-free prospecting. It also provides the metal detector with an impressive amount of coverage, giving it added range. This coil also comes with a cover. With this coil, users will enjoy improved performance in a wide variety of areas.


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    Become a serious hunter with the Nokta Makro 11" Black Waterproof Search Coil. Designed for Anfibio and Kruzer metal detector models.
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    Search Coils
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    Double D
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    Nokta | Makro
  • Waterproof Search Coil

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