Nokta Makro 110/220V 16.8VDC 0.5A AC Charger (Jeohunter 3D / Deephunter 3D)


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Tomorrow, you are out to go start another weekend of treasure hunting. You run your checklist of everything you will need. Everything has to be perfect. That is including your battery. It has to be fully charged before you walk out that door. Otherwise, your detector will die on you and that will not be fun. Nokta | Makro can help that not happen with the 110/220V 16.8VDC 0.5A AC Charger (Jeohunter 3D / Deephunter 3D). Just like any other charger, you just plug up your battery and then plug it into the wall. Go about your day or go to bed. When you wake up, your battery will be ready to go. You can keep the charger in your kitchen when not in use. Nokta | Makro sells nothing but the best products. The same goes for your batteries and chargers.


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    Stay charged with the Nokta Makro 110/220V 16.8VDC 0.5A AC Charger. Only compatible with Jeohunter 3D and Deephunter 3D metal detectors.
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    Wall Charger
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    Nokta | Makro

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