Nokta Makro System Box Battery Lipo 7.4V 5500mAh (Invenio)


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Product Description

The term Lipo battery translates to lithium polymer battery. This 7.4 voltage battery level pack is the high-powered energy you need for your metal detecting adventures. There are two cell batteries as part of this package and the voltage points are put together. This unit is designed to last and will generally take between 300 to 500 cycles of recharging. The lifespan of your libel battery well depends well you can’t for the unit. These batteries are designed to deliver higher than normal amounts of current while being packaged in a small apparatus. This particular combination translates to more maneuverability of the energy, quicker flying times, and longer lasting flight times. What this means for the owner is simple: more time in field, an ability to gain access to the points you are interested in getting to logistically without fear of running out of power.


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    The Nokta Makro System Box Battery Lipo 7.4V 5500mAh is sure to power your detector for many hunts to come. Fits Invenio metal detectors.
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