Nokta Makro Yellow Replaceable Hard-Shell Case (PulseDive)


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Product Description

Every good treasure hunter knows that it is important to take care of their equipment. A metal detector and accessories are not cheap at all. It would be a better idea to purchase everything once and keep everything in good condition while you can. Pulsedive has the same idea. The Yellow Pulsedive Replaceable Hard-Shell Case is the perfect item that you will need. You will never have to worry about losing important pieces of gear ever again. The hard black plastic is sturdy enough to be carried around and placed in the car. You can fit all of your gear inside of the case and pack it up neatly. Nokta | Makro knows what a pain it is to lose gear. No one wants to have to spend the money to replace it. That goes especially when the pieces of your gear are no longer being made. This case will be a lifesaver.


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    Protect your equipment with the Nokta Makro Yellow Replaceable Hard-Shell Case for Pulsedive metal detectors. Foam encased in hard-shell.
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    Hard Case
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