Tube Tubb Floating Sifter for Lake River Beach Metal Detecting


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Sifter
  • Features: Floating, Balanced So Your Finds Stay Safe!
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Product Description

This floating sifter is handcrafted by Tube Tubb in the USA and is uniquely designed for detectorists, only waiting for you to go dive with it. If you prefer using your Garrett AT Max in rivers or streams, or if you would rather go hunting with your Minelab Equinox 800 at the beach, the Tube Tubb has you covered. With a tether, you can keep the Tube Tubb floating alongside your other gear or just floating overhead while you dive deep for treasure or just stand in the stream.

The Tube Tubb has patent-pending construction to keep your finds inside the sifter even in rough water. With balance and the ability to float, you will never worry about losing your sifter at the bottom of the lake. If you go diving with a Blu3 Nemo Dive System this could be just the accessory you need to float alongside your air delivery system and keep your finds safely floating above you while you search for more treasure, buried deep in the water. Get yourself a Tube Tubb today and keep your treasures floating alongside you wherever you dive or swim.


  • Manufacturer
    Tube Tubb
  • Quick Look
    If you like detecting in the water, the Tube Tubb floating sifter gives you space to clean your finds and keep them all in one place, safely in the sieve.
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Product Type
    Diving Accessories
  • Tool Size
    11 - 20"
  • Handle Type
  • Digging Tool Type
    Digging Tool

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