XP 13"x11" X35 Elliptical Search Coil (Deus, ORX)


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Product Highlights

  • Size: 13"x11"
  • Configuration: Elliptical
  • Construction: Open, Waterproof up to 6m
  • Compatibility: XP Deus and ORX
  • Frequencies: 35 Frequencies from 3.7 to 27.7 kHz
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer (Li-Po), Up to 15 hours

Product Description

Let this XP elliptical search coil help cover more ground in less time with your Deus or ORX metal detector. This 13"x11" search coil gives you some added surface area if you are upgrading from the 9” X35 or the 11” X35. Covering more ground is essential if you want to search a large field or go back to old permissions and maybe find new treasures that you missed before on previous sweeps. The open configuration allows for a little less weighty build on this search coil and also reduces your drag if you are heading to the lake or beach to search for sunken treasures with your Deus or ORX. With 35 different frequency settings on one coil you won't have to worry about toting extra coils -- or an entirely separate detector -- to get all the frequencies you need to hone in on the treasure you are looking for. Whether you hunt for jewelry, coins, gold or relics, the X35 could be your best friend. 5 main frequencies plus 7 offset frequencies for each give you all the adaptability you need whether you are dealing with mineralized soils, looking for deeper targets, or just want to focus on gold detection in the higher range of frequencies.

The wireless technology packed in XP products gives you the capability of connecting a spare coil right up to your WS5 or WS4 headphones that came with your first Deus and basically have an entirely operational second detector. Just add on an extra upper shaft assembly and you have a fully functional secondary detector.


  • coil cover
  • lower stem
  • coil hardware


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    One frequency is a thing of the past with the X35 line of coils from XP. For both Deus and ORX, you can snap up one of these X35 coils and have a total of 35 different frequencies to choose from. Includes coil cover, lower stem, and coil hardware.
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    11 x 13"
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