XP WS5 Wireless Headphones


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Product Highlights

  • Type: Wireless
  • Compatibility: XP Deus
  • Construction: Weatherproof
  • Battery: Lithium, 15 to 27 Hours of Life

Product Description

The next level of comfort and ease-of-use has arrived with the XP WS5 headphones fully compatible with the Deus metal detector. You can use these headphones to control your search coil and go out detecting without the control pod if you want to lighten your load a little. The headphones are equipped with a full display including target ID and battery information for the coil. These headphones are weatherproof so if you get caught in the rain, you can still keep detecting, just make sure to protect your control pod on your Deus! These headphones are nice and compact when you fold them up for transport and the padded ear cups will keep you comfortable while you spend a whole day out finding treasure. No matter your target -- gold, jewelry, silver coins, or relics -- the WS5 headphones will help keep each signal right in your ears so you don't miss a single treasure.


  • Built in operational controls
  • Foldable and ergonomic
  • Weatherproof
  • Battery: Lithium, from 15 to 27 hours depending the Deus version
  • Charging: 2 Hours via USB
  • Indicates the battery level of headphone and coil
  • Target ID
  • Year warranty and LONGTIME certified (design to last)
  • 2 Year Battery Warranty
  • Made in France


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    Fully wireless headphones built for comfort while using XP's Deus metal detector. Complete with screen and controls, you can see your coil battery life and target ID all on this display.
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  • Wireless
  • Waterproof
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    XP Deus

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